Zack Eswine and Greg Perry in New Zealand - City Presbyterian Church

This August, Grace Theological College is excited to host Zack Eswine and Greg Perry from Covenant Theological Seminary. Zack is a pastor and a popular author of books such as Recovering Eden: The Gospel according to Ecclesiastes and Sensing Jesus: Life and Ministry as a Human Being. Greg is a New Testament Professor at Covenant and has over ten years of ministry experience in local churches and on the mission field.

Tour Schedule

1-2 August: Questions Jesus Asks Seminar

Friday 7.30-9pm and Saturday 9.30-12noon.
Zack will be speaking about how the Gospel enables us to live a fully human life at City Pres Church, 283 K’rd Road. Visit the Facebook page for more details.

2 August: Men’s Breakfast

7.30am Greg Perry: Men’s Breakfast at the Bucklands Beach Reformed Church, 228 Bucklands Beach Road. Cost: $6.

5-7 August: Marriage Seminar

7.30pm-9pm Greg will be teaching three evening lectures at Grace Theological College (77 Rogers Road, Manurewa) on the subject of marriage. These lectures will deal with topics such as communication, conflict, intimacy, separation, divorce, and remarriage.

8-9 August: Forum for Pastors and Elders

Friday 7.30pm-9pm and Saturday 9.30am-2pm (lunch provided) Greg and Zack will speaking at Grace Theological College (77 Rogers Road, Manurewa) on Shepherding for Growth in a Post-Christian Culture.

11-12 August: The Personal, Spiritual, and Family Life of the Pastor

8.30am-12.30pm at Grace Theological College. These lectures by Zack are aimed at encouraging those in pastoral ministry.

12 August

1-2pm. Special lecture at Grace Theological on the book of Hebrews by PhD student Sean Duncan.