Our response to God’s grace

Why we give

The church is not a business. We do not aspire to turn a profit, increase revenues, or buy flash buildings and sound systems. Rather we keep our costs to a minimum and give individually and communally as God calls us in order to learn the joy of trusting Him, grow in generosity like His, and see Him using our humble gifts to impact the world by grace.

Scripture urges us to cultivate a spirit of joyful giving, and experience teaches us the pleasure and freedom of radical generosity. Our gifts go to support the ongoing ministries of City Pres, meeting needs in our community, supporting new church planting projects in NZ, and missions work around the world. We are fully transparent with our budgeting and we are always seeking great ways to invest resources for the work of Christ’s Kingdom to the glory of God. We give not out of guilt or pressure but out of gratitude and worship to the God who has given us all that we have, and who did not spare His own Son to save us.

How to give

If you wish to join us in giving, the best way to do so is through an online bank transfer. Our direct deposit details are as follows:

Name: City Presbyterian Church

Bank: BNZ

Account: 12-3066-0402436-00