Children and Family

Nurturing faith

Our approach

It’s often said that it takes a village to raise a child; we believe it takes a church. Our desire is to lead our kids on the path of knowing and following Jesus as Saviour and Lord for their whole lives. We see this as responsibility of parents and church working in tandem to guide them in a network of nurturing relationships.

Our approach involves:

  1. Including kids in worship and church life
  2. Equipping parents to nurture kids in grace
  3. Cultivating formative relationships with peers as well as adult mentors and teachers.

Including kids

We are always mindful of ways to include kids in Sunday worship, community groups, and other events we plan. It is important for kids to learn from what they see parents and other adults doing, and to realise that they are also a vital part of the body of Christ. Yet they also need age appropriate learning environments in order for the Bible and church to be meaningful to them. City Pres worship services therefore have parts when kids participate together with the congregation, and other parts where Sunday School is available to learn about the Bible and the Gospel in language they can readily understand, and interact with the content amongst their peers. In all things we seek to never thoughtlessly dismiss or disregard them.

Equipping parents

We also equip parents to nurture children in grace. Our teachers and mentors correspond with parents to let them know what is being taught, and to suggest ways to further engage the Bible, worship, and prayer at home.

Cultivating formative relationships

We cultivate formative relationships as we realise that real life is the classroom for spiritual growth. Great friendships in which kids can grow up sharing and living out an authentic faith are vital. Friendships develop only with quality time and great experiences with one another and the rest of the church family. Therefore we seek to facilitate this for kids wherever we can. Sunday school is not just a lecture but involves activities, Q & A, and guided discussion. Service and outreach events as well as fun outings and experiences are planned at regular intervals. Our goal in everything is to see kids grow up wanting to know and follow Christ, and cherishing the sweetness of doing so in community as something central to who they are.