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    We have recently relocated to The Workshop at 37d Crummer Rd, Grey Lynn. Come join us Sundays at 4pm in this great new space.

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    We are a community discovering Christ’s riches for life’s realities.

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Film Night

Meaningful films can serve as valuable windows on the realities of life. Come Join us this Saturday 22nd Sept. 7pm at the Bruners’ home as we watch and casually discuss “The Truman Show.” Snacks are provided, contact Gretchen for details. (

Acts Sermon Series

Out of nearly a dozen messianic movements in the First Century AD, the Jesus movement alone survived, swept across the world, and continues growing to this day. Join us as we study the book of Acts, and see why Jesus was and is so uniquely compelling, and transformative.

Community Groups

Our fortnightly community groups are a great way to meet together for support and encouragement around God’s Word. If you’re interested in joining a group or finding out more, please email us at

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